Weekly Update » March 1, 2024

March 1, 2024



We can be Heroes! 

We come from good people. At ST’a7mes school we use our strengths to support one another; we are all connected. We show kindness, treat others with dignity and respect. We care for people in needWe are connected to and we represent our family, ancestors, and community. We work with exertion and diligence 



           ( Wan -ow - hw -s) 

I carry myself in a good way. 

Treat (someone) with respect: believe (someone); honour (someone).verb (t) 


(Chin -chin - st - why) 

Together we hold each other upWe stand and work together. 

Uphold one another; support one another. Verb (i) 



Perform (something) with all one’s might  


Ha7lh Skwayel Families 

This week was significant for our LEX learners going into the graduation years. We had meetings with families and handed out information packages about what needs to be thought about for course selection and choices that need to be made that support student’s hopes and plans for adult life. Thank you to all who attended the meetings. It was meaningful and beautiful to talk about your student’s strengths and to connect at this exciting time of their lives.  

Today LEX students went to Howe Sound for a tour in the afternoon. We got a full sensory experience of the sights, sounds, smell and general feel of the school.  Students got the taste of student life and even had the chance to attend the Basketball tournament for a while as spectators. Next week the Vice Principal from Howe Sound will be coming to our school to do course selection with the students who have registered at the school. If you are planning to attend Howe Sound Secondary (this includes the Alternative School) or Don Ross Middle School, please complete your registration and drop it off to HSS or DRM.

Cultural Journeys students continue their learning in preparation for the Herring Ceremony. Next week a group will visit the estuary with a group of students from the Capilano Little One’s school who will be joining us for the Herring Ceremony.  

Students all around the school helped us honor pink shirt day on Wednesday by wearing thier pink shirts walking with Wanaxs, Chenchenstway, and kindness in thier hearts.  

Thinking and Planning ahead -   

You have received an invitation to join us for our upcoming Herring ceremony on March 14th.  This is a teaching we look forward to every year and if you haven’t had a chance to join us yet, and are able, you will not be disappointed.  This learning is a great opportunity for our student and school community to have a meaningful impact in service of our ecosystem.   

We are also going to to be hosting some carvers at our school for a project that our group is working on with Matthew’s West for the new playground at Nexun BeachThe students will be working with the carvers to inform the design of a canoe that will be part of the playground that is being installed We will be blessing the pole in the next coming days before it is carved. Stay tuned for more information. 

Attention all families:  

If you know your family is planning on registering at Howe Sound Secondary or Don Ross Middle School (or a different elementary school) for September 2024 please email Gayle at the office [email protected] to update us with your family’s plans. Also please complete your registration for these schools as soon as possible.  

Up and coming dates:  

March 4th – Howe Sound Course Selection Visit to St’7ames 

March 13th – Early Dismissal 12:00 – Collaboration Day 

March 14th – Herring Ceremony St’a7mes Waterfront 

March 15th – Last Day of Classes before Spring Break, Written Update Report Cards will be sent home to Yew Yew, and LEX classes.  

March 16th- April 1st – Spring Break 

April 2nd – Students Return to school 

Partners in the Learning; Family Homework and reminders from the Principal 

Please continue to send your child with appropriate clothing for playing and learning outside in this weather.  

Many students and staff have been out sick with the stomach flu that has been going around over the past couple of weeksThis is a reminder that if your child is experiencing symptoms to please keep them homeAlso please make sure your family is diligent in practicing handwashing to prevent the spread of the virus.  Some of our families are vulnerable when it comes to their health and we want to make sure we are taking care of each other by taking good care of ourselves. Thank you.  

Have a wonderful week. Stay warm out there.  

Most Sincerely,  

Alysa Patching, Principal. 


Pick up is scheduled for March 7th at 5:00pm at the School.