Weekly Update » December 1, 2023

December 1, 2023



We can be Heroes! 

We come from good people. At ST’a7mes school we use our strengths to support one another; we are all connected. We show kindness, treat others with dignity and respect. We care for people in needWe are connected to and we represent our family, ancestors, and community. We work with exertion and diligence 



           ( Wan -ow - hw -s) 

I carry myself in a good way. 

Treat (someone) with respect: believe (someone); honour (someone).verb (t) 


(Chin -chin - st - why) 

Together we hold each other upWe stand and work together. 

Uphold one another; support one another. Verb (i) 



Perform (something) with all one’s might  


Ha7lh Skwayel Families 


We can be Heroes! 

This week Indigenous Leadership students went to the Skwxwu7mesh Lilwat7ul Cultural CenterWe learned about Dr. Martin Brokenleg’s model of the Circle of CourageThe Circle of Courage includes Belonging, Mastery, Generosity, and IndependenceWe met with students from Whistler and Pemberton and shared song, drumming and dance.  Students were asked what is going well and school and what needs work? What initiatives would they like to be a part of and what would they like our gathering as a district Indigenous Group look like for us this year.  


Belonging/ Chen Chen Stway I was moved to see students from Pemberton, now in high school, that I taught when I was Vice Principal at Signal Hill. I was moved to see students that used to attend St’a7mes and are now at Howe Sound and Don Ross involved in leadership. It reminded me that we are all a part of each other’s stories and experience belonging together in this way Yu7Yus made cookies this morning for staff around the school. 


Generosity/ Chen Chen Stway – I was so proud of our students sharing their gifts of song and dance at the District Leadership Meeting. My heart was bursting in response to their courage and generosity to get up in front of strangers and peers to share their gifts  


Yu7Yus showed generosity and made cookies this morning for staff around the school. 


Students all over the school are preparing for the Tl’a7ashen. We look forward to you joining us on December 14th.  


Independence – Students are well into classroom routines. It’s so exciting to see classes preparing at the end of the day for home time and taking pride and responsibility for their class jobs 


Mastery/ Timit - Students enjoyed mastery on the playground this week. Mother nature gave us glorious sun and snow. Ms. Kye and Ms. Laura took a group of the Early Learners in our school to the Ground Up Climbing Gym    


Partners in the Learning; Family Homework and reminders from the Principal 

Engaging in Learning Conversations with our Kids: 


Please see the above link to Dr. Martin Brokenleg’s explanation of the circle of courage 

Chat with your kids:  

Where do they practice the elements of the circle of courage in their play: Mastery, Belonging, Independence, Generosity? How are they engaging with these elements at school? Are they channeling their efforts and energy in a way that will help them to thrive?  


Outside AttireIt’s getting cold! Much of our learning happens out on the landPlease make sure your child is prepared with weather appropriate clothing, footwear 


Backpack Buddies – Please let us know if your family is in need of support with groceries and we can add you to our back pack buddies program. 


Act Alive – Our Tuesday Act Alive program continues to provide activity at lunch for our students. Students are learning the madrigal song from Encanto. They will be preforming their song to the school community on December 5th at 12:50 – 1:00pm 


As you go into this weekend, I hope you have rich and playful conversations with your child about the circle of courage, 

Most Sincerely,  

Alysa Patching, Principal. 







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Some of our Cultural Journeys students have been participating in an Act Alive program. The students will be putting on a short performance of what they have learned on Tuesday, December 5th at 12:50pm - 1:00pm. Please join us if you are able. 
On Friday, December 8th we will be having a Writing Day for our students from 1:30 - 3:00pm in the school gym. Students will be able to write letters to Santa or friends and family for Christmas. Family and friends are welcome to join us for this festive event. 
We will hosting an event where students can purchase Christmas presents for family and friends. In order to facilitate this event, we are looking for donations of new or used items (in good condition), no clothes or shoes please. Please bring any donations to the office. 
The event will held during the last week of school. More details will follow. 



DONATIONS - We will be accepting donations of new toys, non perishable food or cash at the school office from December 1 - 8th. 

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