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2023/2024 St’a7mes School Staff - Please find below a list of our staff this year. To email staff, please use the first initial of their first name followed by their last name and For example, Alysa Patching would be [email protected]

Alysa Patching - Principal 
Angela Woods – Education Assistant 
Anita Woitt – Custodian  
Brad Lunder – Education Assistant 
Casey Thomas - Thursday teacher for Ms. Kye
Dawn Scarth – Education Assistant 
Elise Lambert –  Sea To Sky Online Clerical 
Emily Yamashita - LEx Humanities Teacher
Gayle Laurie –  St’a7mes Clerical  
Jennifer Cameron – Education Assistant 
Jennifer Kang – Education Assistant 
Joelle Bronson – Learning Services Teacher  
Jordan Andrews– Education Assistant 
Kalinda Napper – Education Assistant 
Kat Turczyk – School Counsellor 
Kathleen Wick – Yew Yews Teacher (gr.5, 6, 7) 
Katya Smirnova – LEx Sience and Math Teacher 
Kye Fedor - Sxwi7shen Teacher (gr. 3,4,5) 
Laura Pender – Collaborative Support and Learning Services Teacher 
Lindsey Boersma – Sp’akw’us Teacher (K, 1,2) 
Lisa Seidel – Library, Collaborative Support, ELL (Returning in January) 
Lorain Gus – Indigenous Outreach Worker 
Maia Mardon – Education Assistant 
Matthew Van Oostdam – Collaborative Support – Land Based Coordinator 
Nicole Baker– Indigenous Support Worker 
Robert Crawford – Education Assistant 
Roxy Lewis – Language and Culture Teacher 
Sarah Flemming – Learning Services Teacher  
Tegan Davies - Libraraian ELL