Learning Expeditions

​If we involve students in authentic projects that promote resiliency and an emotional connection to community, then our students will develop as engaged, compassionate, and responsible citizens.

Learning Expeditions


'Learning Expeditions' is a Grade 7-12 Project Based Learning Program offered at St'a7mes School for students who want to apply their learning in real and authentic ways. We create beautiful work which we exhibit and present regularly to authentic audiences. 


What is Project Based Learning? 


‘Project-based learning’ refers to students designing, planning, and carrying out an extended project that produces a publicly-exhibited output such as a product, publication, or presentation. 

Project based learning requires students to be more independent than traditional systems. There is a lot of responsibility on the student in terms of choosing pathways within the projects, creating new ideas, critiquing others’ work and having your own work critiqued, working with others most of the time, and being self-directed in terms of managing time appropriately.  


Belief Statements


  • We believe in beautiful work that is authentic and purposeful.
  • We believe that beautiful work is created through critique and collaboration.
  • We believe that our work should be presented to authentic audiences.
  • We believe in revision and depth in learning.
  • We believe in creating a community of critical thinkers.
  • We believe that all this is accomplished by encouraging excellence, support and respect for all learners.


Past Projects/Exhibits:


  • Featured as an art exhibit at Counter Part coffee shop
  • Organized an environmental panel on natural disaster preparation focused on Squamish for the community
  • Designed, developed prototypes, and presented art installation concepts to Squamish Arts Council 
  • Planned and constructed a school garden for food production 
  • Wrote, illustrated, and published story books for children in our community
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