Weekly Update » August 30, 2023

August 30, 2023



Dear Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journeys) and Learning Expeditions Families,  


This email is to officially welcome your family to the 2023-2024 school year at St’a7mes School. It’s going to be a great year!  


This year our school goals will be rooted in the theme of Contribution.  Aunty Char has left us the legacy that our “Men Men (Children) are our medicine”. I see this as a great commission: to realize that our children are filled with the gifts and strengths to solve challenges our world is facing and will face. It is our job as caregivers to raise our children up, to develop their gifts and skills, so they can be at their strongest for this great task. Together this year, we will be the medicine. We will use our superpowers to solve challenges together. We will be lifted-up in the strengths that we bring, to make our school the OUTSTANDING learning community that we are.   


I am grateful and honored to be returning for my 4th year at the school to work with this team and this community of families.  We have such a strong team of dedicated and specialized staff who are eagerly preparing to welcome in our awesome kids next week.  Our families are devoted to their children, their learning, the school community, the work of truth and reconciliation. Our families (you) have been getting our children ready to transition to a new school year.  All parts have been getting ready to start us off on a strong foot. We have so much strength for creating a wonderful year together.  


Please see below for some important dates and information for school start–up! 




Alysa Patching – Principal  


Important First Week of School Information and Schedule Grades 1-10 students:  

The 2023 – 2024 school year will start up Tuesday, September 5th,  2023.  Teachers and staff will be on our playground to meet and greet before school.  At 9:00 am we will drum in students to their classrooms from the field. Parents are welcome to join us in the Gym for tea to connect with each other while waiting for students to be dismissed.  Students will be dismissed at 10:00am from their classroom doors.   


Class Placement

An email will be sent out before Friday, September 1st indicating your child's class placement. 


First Week Schedule 

Mon.  Sept 4th 


Tues. Sept 5th 


Wed. Sept 6th  

Thurs. Sept 7th  

Fri. Sept 8th 


Labor Day -  

School Not In Session.  

School Start Up 

9:00am – 

10:00 am 

Full Day School Schedule  

9:00am – 3:00pm  

Full Day School Schedule  

9:00am – 3:00pm 

Full Day School Schedule 

9:00am – 3:00pm 


Kindergarten Start Up and Gradual Entry

Kindergarten students will join us on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023. Please find below the gradual entry schedule. Please drop off and pick up students at the exterior classroom door.  

Wednesday, Sept 6th 

First day of school for kindergarten students 

9:00 – 10:30 am 

Thursday,  Sept 7th 

Half Day for kindergarten students 

9:00 am– 12:20pm  


Friday, Sept 8th 

Half Day for kindergarten students 

9:00 am– 12:20pm 

Monday, Sept 11th 

Kindergarten students start Full Day Kindergarten  

9:00 am – 3:00pm 


School Bus Information: 

Please note that St’a7mes students are eligible for courtesy ridership (with exception of families living in Valleycliffe). You will need to register for a bus pass in order to ride the bus. Bus passes will be mailed to families this week and will need to be presented to the bus driver each day. You will be able to ride the bus without a pass on the first day, if you have not received one however, they will be required for the remainder of the school year. Please follow the link to complete the bus registration forms: https://www.sd48seatosky.org/apps/pages/schoolbus 

Students who are riding the bus on the first day ( Sept 5) will be dropped off at Howe Sound at 10:45am. School busses will depart HSS between 11:00 and 11:15am. Please expect your student’s arrival time at home accordingly. Bussing will return to its normal schedule on Wednesday, September 6th. Please find the bus schedule attached.  


School Supplies:  

We have ordered school supplies in bulk for the students for next year.  Families will be asked to pay $35 to “School Cash Online”.  An email will be sent home next week with instructions on how to register, if you have not done so already.   


First Day Package/Email: 

Your child will be receiving a First Day Package. Please review the documents, sign and send them back by Friday, September 8th. You will also receive an email with links to our “School Cash Online” page which will include consent forms to be signed.   


PAC (Parent Advisory Council) and Family Volunteers: 

Families are ALWAYS welcome in our buildings. Please consider joining us as a volunteer if you are able.  Research clearly supports that when caregivers participate and are involved in their child’s education, there is a greater likelihood of success for their child.  With that in mind, we invite you to become an active participant in our school by volunteering, joining our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and attending school events. The first PAC meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 19th at 5:00 pm. A light supper will be provided. If you are attending the PAC meeting, your children will be welcome to play in the gym during the meeting.  


School Communication:  

We are committed to using a variety of ways to communicate with families throughout the year including our “Weekly Principal’s Message” that will provide reminders, upcoming events and learning updates.  This newsletter will also be posted to our school webpage: https://www.sd48sta7mes.org/ 


Important Upcoming Dates:  

Tuesday, Sept 5 

School Reopens 9:00 – 10:00 am  

Wednesday, Sept 6 

Kindergarten students first day 9:00 – 10:30am  

Monday, Sept 11 

First Full day for Kindergarten Students  

Thursday, Sept 14 

Welcome back BBQ 4:30 – 6:00pm  

Tuesday, Sept 19 

PAC Meeting 5:00 – 6:00pm 

Friday, Sept 29 

Pro D Day  

Monday Oct 2 

National Truth and Reconciliation Day - School is not in Session 


Staff Announcements:  

Most of our team is returning this year and we are very fortunate to have some new experts joining us.  

Please see the full list of staff here:  

Nicole Baker– Indigenous Support Worker 

Lindsey Boersma – Sp’akw’us Teacher (K, 1,2) 

Joelle Bronson – Learning Services Teacher  

Sarah Flemming – Learning Services Teacher  

Jennifer Cameron – Education Assistant 

Robert Crawford – Education Assistant 

Kye Fedor - Sxwi7shen Teacher (gr. 3,4,5) 

Lorain Gus – Indigenous Outreach Worker 

Jennifer Kang – Education Assistant 

Jordan Andrews– Education Assistant 

Elise Lambert –  Sea To Sky Online Clerical 

Gayle Laurie –  St’a7mes Clerical  

Maia Mardon – Education Assistant 

Kalinda Napper – Education Assistant 

Alysa Patching - Principal 

Laura Pender – Collaborative Support and Learning Services Teacher 

Katya Smirnova – Learning Expeditions Teacher 

Dawn Scarth – Education Assistant 

Lisa Seidel – Library, Collaborative Support, ELL (Returning in October) 

Kat Turczyk – School Counsellor 

Matthew Van Oostdam – Collaborative Support – Land Based Coordinator 

Kathleen Wick – Yew Yews Teacher (gr.5, 6, 7) 

Brad Lunder – Education Assistant 

Roxy Lewis – Language and Culture Teacher 

Angela Woods – Education Assistant 

Anita Woitt – Custodian