Weekly Update » October 6, 2023

October 6, 2023



We can be Heroes! 

We come from good people. At ST’a7mes school we use our strengths to support one another; we are all connected. We show kindness, treat others with dignity and respect. We care for people in needWe are connected to and we represent our family, ancestors, and community. We work with exertion and diligence 


Ha7lh Skwayel Families 


We are now settling into routines. This week I saw teachers working together with the students to create classrooms that meet a diversity of needs. I see kids recognizing the needs of their peers and working in a way to collaborate with different skills and personalities to do good work together.  Outside kids are building forts during their recess playtime. They are marveling together at the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.  


The LEX Malhal group were building bridges; literally and figuratively with each other in a STEM project this week.  

Act Alive was here running the lunchtime musical theatre program. We will have a final performance on the last Tuesday in November and there is still room in the group if your child would like to be in the program.  


We ran the Terry Fox Run today. It was inspiring to see the leadership of our Sr. Students who ran stations and the Jr. LEx students who set the examples of how to run the course. Sqsxwi7shen students in Ms. Kye’s class ran an Ice Cream event afterward with the left overs from their fundraising. A shout out to all the teachers who supported and brought out the leadership in these kids.


Our Truth and Reconciliation Flag is flying high and proud. We can see it from all over our campus and it warms our hearts to know that the work were are doing here at our school is moving the world forward in a better way.  


Last Friday staff were at a Professional Day with our school’s Speech Language Pathologist Diana Lockett. We are all very excited about the skills Diana brings to our school to support our learners. Diana showed us some strategies about using visual cues with non =verbal learners and then demonstrated how these cues are also helpful for all students.  


Partners in the Learning; Family Homework and reminders from the Principal 

Visual Cuing:  

How can you use visual cueing at home with your child to support family routines and communication? Could your child use a visual schedule to remind them of the routine when leaving the house, coming home from school, getting ready for bedtime etc. There are many free resources on line to create visual schedules to help at home. If this is a strategy that works well for your child, please partner with your child teacher to bring synergy into the routines at school.  


Lots to be grateful for:  

This weekend is a great opportunity to be building gratitude into your daily routines. As you are together as a family this weekend at meals or in the car, share around what you are grateful for. Be present to the feeling that happens when you interact together in this way.  


It is cold and flu season – remember to go over health hygiene with your child (washing hands, catching coughs). If your child has a fever, or is feeling too unwell to be at school, please support them at home. Otherwise, if they are feeling well enough to attend school, please send them  


Bussing – Please make sure your child has been registered if they are riding the busThey must be using their bus pass. Bus passes not being used will expire after a certain amount of time, so that bus passes can be made available for those on the waitlistUsing the bus pass ensures your child’s safety in case of an accident. It logs your child’s presence on the bus and notifies emergency personnel in case of an emergency.   


Attendance Please make sure you contact the office when your child is away. You can call 604 – 892- 5904 to leave a message or email [email protected] 


Outside Attire – Much of our learning happens out on the landPlease make sure your child is prepared with weather appropriate clothing, footwear and consider sunscreen and a hat if applicable  


As you go into this weekend, I hope your family is able to enjoy some relaxation and down time, reconnecting after such a full week. I hope your weekend is full of gratitude and joy.   


Most Sincerely,  

Alysa Patching, Principal. 





There is still room in our Act Alive lunch program. If you would like your child to participate, please register them on school cash online and complete the form above. 



Hello Cross Country team!


Here are the meets coming up in Squamish! Yay!

October 12th - Squamish Elementary Meet

October 28th - Brackendale Elementary Meet


These ones are close to home and will require parent volunteer drivers to and from the meet locations. They start at 3:30pm which means we would leave school right at 3:00pm.  


Please email Ms. Kye at [email protected] to let her know the following...

  1. If you will be attending
  2. How you will get there (parent or need a ride). Bussing is not available. 

Please let Ms. Kye know if you are able to drive and how many children you can take. If you would like to drive, please note that you will need to complete a criminal record check and a volunteer driver application form. This process can take up to one week.  Please contact Gayle in the office for assistance at [email protected] or 604-892-5904.