Weekly Update » May 12, 2023

May 12, 2023


All We Have to Give. 

Ha7lh Skwayel Families -  

We come from good people. At ST’a7mes school we use our strengths to support one another; we are all connected. We show kindness, treat others with dignity and respect. We care for people in needWe are connected to and we represent our family, ancestors, and community. We work and learn with exertion and diligence. 


Learning this week: 

What medicine the weather has been this week! The students having been “walking on sunshine”, dancing to music that we’ve brought out to the playground, finding rest and connection with each other in the shade, and mining for minerals in the sand boxOur scientists have been playing with magnets in our sandbox and discovering that there is magnetic content (perhaps iron) in the sand. 


Supportive Partners Connected in Learning; Family Homework from the Principal 

We come from good people. We use our strengths to support one another; we are all connected.  

Play is learning. Last week our some of our staff attended the Early Learning (Birth – 8 years) Workshop.   We learned about different categories of play Functional Play, Constructive play, Pretend and Dramatic Play, Games with Rules, Physically Active Play, Big Body Play, and Outdoor Play. Play must be used to create meaningful understanding of the learning milestones we are trying to achieve during this time of development.  

What types of play are your children drawn to? Do they spend time tinkering with objects, observing things they find interesting and trying to figure out the ways they work? Are they builders? Do they like to play pretend games? Are they inclined to make up or choose games with rules and competition? Do they like to run and chase and move,  wrestle and crash? Do they like to play outside or show an appreciation and curiosity for the elements of nature?  


Information and Reminders:  

Please keep personal toys and technology at homeStudents have been bringing personal items to school and it becomes a distraction or source of conflict, also there is a risk of destruction to the item.   We have enough toys and technology at the school, provided by the school to keep the kids busy and learning during the school day.   

May your weekend be full of sunshine, fresh air, friendly bugs and a variety of opportunities for play.  

Most Sincerely,  

Alysa Patching, Principal.  








- This week Ashton Joseph was honoured. Thank you for being so awesome!