Weekly Update » March 3, 2023

March 3, 2023


All We Have to Give.

Ha7lh Skwayel Families -

We come from good people. At ST’a7mes school we use our strengths to support one another; we are all connected. We show kindness, treat others with dignity and respect. We care for people in need.  We are connected to and we represent our family, ancestors, and community. We work and learn with exertion and diligence.


Learning this week:

Play is Learning – Nature provided us some great play and learning materials this week with the snow.  Students were out being engineers, game designers, athletes, script writers, actor, scientists, social workers and more!!!!! Forts were being built, stories were being acted out, new sports and games were invented and then physical skills were practiced to master tasks and goals, questions were being asked “what happens when? What if we . . ..” and answered, social problems and conflict were being worked out.  So much learning and practice for life happens at Recess. 


Harriet and Friends! - Preparation continues to be underway for the Herring Ceremony next week. Even the books at the Library are surfacing in preparation for our big event next .  Thanks to Cyrus and Emma who helped Tegan with the bulletin board outside the library featuring stories of Harriet’s friends. (My favorite is The Pout Pout Fish).


Hoobiyee  - Our Indigenous Leadership Students, along with many students involved in Dance Group at Totem hall, and Matthew, and Laura are attending Hoobiyee today.  Hoobiyee is an exciting event celebrating the Nisga’a New Year.  Usually the event takes place in February, but this year it is happening in March.  Celebration events are happening at the PNE Forum. Admission is free and all are welcome.   There are usually numerous dance performances as well as drumming and singing at the Vancouver Hoobiyee event on the Friday and Saturday. Dance groups perform in the middle of the main auditorium. Chairs are laid out for elders along the edge. Children sometimes sit on the floor and the majority of the audience sits in the bleachers. Kids from our community will be dancing, singing and drumming throughout the days of the event. In addition to the dancing, at Hoobiyee there is a market area where dozens of community organizations and vendors have informational literature and products for sale. There are Indigenous art, jewelry, clothing and other artisan goods at the market most years. Click here to see a link to the Laxgalt’sap Cultural Dancers at Hoobiyee. 


Upcoming Learning

The Herring Ceremony coming up on March 9th. Harriot the Herring has been visiting around the school. This time of learning and contribution is very exciting. It is quite something that our students have been about to make such an impact on the local ecosystem by their creation and participation in this project. They are creating quite the legacy with their purposeful and authentic work. Please come join us at the St’a7mes waterfront for this great celebration if you are able.  


Supportive Partners Connected in Learning; Family Homework from the Principal:

We come from good people. We use our strengths to support one another; we are all connected.

If you have opportunity and time this Saturday we encourage you to enjoy the Hoobiyee event.   


Information and Reminders:

Herring Ceremony – March 9th

MDI Survey – Monday and Tuesday grades 5 and 8 students will take part in the MDI survey

DC11 – Next week students grades 8 and up will be starting a DC11 (Digital Communications 11) course that will follow them up through their graduation years. This course will be one where students create a digital portfolio (much like the see-saw platform used in elementary years) of their learning and report out self-assessments of competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, and contribution.  Students will receive a final grade for this course in their grade 12 year as part of their graduation requirements. 


Spring Break Camps – Please have a look at Spring Break Camps in the Community with Brennan Park, Airhouse, Sea to Sky Gondola, Britannia Mines and more!


I hope your weekend is full of Hoobiyee type things: dancing, singing, drumming, celebration . . .but most of all connection.


 Most Sincerely,

Alysa Patching, Principal.






Students that are going to HSS in the 2023/2024 school year will complete their course selection at 11:30 on Friday, March 10th. If your child plans on attending HSS in the fall but has not yet registered, please do so by March 9th, so your child will be able to participate in course selection. Completing course selection early will give students a better chance of getting the courses they request.