Weekly Update » May 27, 2022

May 27, 2022



Hello Everyone –


What a great celebration we had last night at the spring St’la7shn!  The staff and men men worked diligently, and took the time to put together a wonderful event to honor their learning and teachers. Thank you families for coming out to join in the honoring and celebration.  We raise our hands to Chiax s’tn for leading us in the ceremony and to Uncle Anthony and Auntie Roxie for singing, drumming and witnessing our event.  Thank you to the elders and ancestors for blessing our night together.


I speak on behalf of those of us who were blanketed - it was an overwhelming honor, full of emotion,  to be welcomed into the family by the community. Your children are precious. This is their time to be lifted up; your time to be lifted up. Their work in this world is important – and so is ours together -  to support, and guide them in this journey. I loved Brodie’s message of witness – to recognize that this is the work of healing for this generation and the generations that have come before. This is good medicine. We walk forward in this role with earnest intent, and will continue to rise up to every occasion to lift our children and community up.   


Stronger together














Ms. Fedor's Class

  - This week honoured. Thank you for being so awesome!
Kyes Class




Resources for Families to Access Supports and Information on Anxiety

Child anxiety

Anxiety Canada: anxietycanada.com

Kelty Mental Health: Home | Kelty Mental Health

Child Mind Institute: childmind.org/healthyminds/students (videos for children, middle school and high school).

Child Anxiety Network: childanxiety.net

Centre for Clinical Interventions: cci.health.wa.gov.au

EASE Program: EASE Online – Healthy Minds BC (gov.bc.ca) (This resource is being used in the schools and will provide consistency between home and school when managing anxiety, check out the specific resources for parents).

Mindshift (Free App)


Book: Invisible String

Book: The Kissing Hand

Book: Sitting Still like a Frog (order from Odin books)


School anxiety and attendance challenges (Kelty mental health): https://keltymentalhealth.ca/school-attendance-webinars


Confident Parents Thriving kids: welcome.cmhacptk.ca (This is a great starting point for parents who need more support in learning and helping their children with anxiety: Note: there are two programs -  anxiety and behavioural (this one requires a doctor referral).




Squamish Helping Hands-Under One Roof and the Squamish Rotary Club are collaborating to relaunch the Recycling Bicycle Program.  Our premier event this spring is a Kids Bike Drive. June 4th , 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, behind the Library by the garden boxes.
What is Recycle Bicycle?
The Recycle Bicycle Program was created in 2007 with the simple idea of fixing donated bicycles and providing them to locals in need.  Although the flow of bikes has slowed down through the COVID years, hundreds of bikes have been donated, repaired and given to those in need. Through this Kids Bike Drive we will collecting, repairing and distributing bikes to kids and families in need throughout Squamish.
How can you help?
•    Do you have a Kids bike that isn’t being ridden, you can donate.  Between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. June 4th.
• Are you Handy? Come Join our Team of staff and volunteers to help clean and repair bikes. Between 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Please contact [email protected] and we will find a role so you can contribute.
Need a bike?
•    Ride ready kid’s bikes can be picked-up by families in-need from 2:00 – 4:00 pm and a waiting list will be created if there is high demand.
For more information see the attached flyer and Poster.



Please see below great poster of pre-teen dance for youth soccer fundraiser that will be happening in June to kick off the summer. 

Squamish Valley Recreation Team will be hosting as chaperones on site. Music, concession, and just great fun to kick off the summer.

Please feel free to contact Shawnna Apodaca (604-849-1305) if you have any questions.


Preteen Dance



We were thrilled to secure a grant to allow our students to participate in a track and field program on Mondays and Wednesdays for the month of May. The program will finish with a track and field Mini Olympics on June 3rd. 



Our PAC has set up an account at the recycling depot, located at 38927 Queens Way #15, Squamish. If you would like to support PAC fundraising initiatives, please drop off your recyclables and have the proceeds put on our account # 604-892-5904. Thank you in advance for your support. 





Dear Families,

Class photos were sent home this week. If you would like to purchase extras or one of our entire school please find instructions and information below:

STWSCH21DIV1 (code for students from division 01 - Ms. Lindsey)

STWSCH21DIV2 (code for students from division 02 - Ms. Kye)

STWSCH21DIV3 (code for students from division 03 - Ms. Jenna)

STWSCH21DIV4 (code for students from division 04 - Ms. Kathleen )

STWSCH21DIV5 (code for students from division 05 - Brodie)

STWSCH21PAN (code for whole school panorama photo)


  • Visit myorder.mountainwest.ca
  • Enter your email and the code given above.
  • Select the class image you prefer and "Add to favorites".
  • Click on "Products" and click on "Sheets".
  • Select the product you wish to purchase, select the class group image from your favorites, and add it to your cart.
  • Click on "Cart" to pay.

Printed copies will be shipped to customers' home.

Please contact Mountain West Studios for any assistance, Contact number 1.888.644.4494, email [email protected]



Dear Parents,

Please notice that the 2 parking spots with the signs 'SD48 ICT DEPT', are reserved parking for our ICT department. Please avoid parking there.

Thank yo for your understanding.



Please be sure to stop by our main entrance to look for lost and found items. Any items left at the end of the school year, will be donated to charity.

Thank you!

Lost and found