Weekly Update » May 13, 2022

May 13, 2022



Hi Everyone - 


We’ve had a lot happening on campus this week including preparing for and wrapping up with the 24hr drum for our Indigenous Leadership students.  We are at a point in the rhythm of the year where we are starting to plan for the reflection and celebration of all of our learning for the year before we break for summer holidays, (7 more weeks).  We know that rhythm, routine and ritual  (the three R’s) create climates of safety and resilience for our kids. This weekend, as you march to the beat of your own internal rhythms, may you find space for reflection, appreciation, celebration, and even healing with your children. 


Reflection prompts for you and your children - 

What beat (activity, words, song, person . . ) makes your child’s heart beat and feet dance? 

What is bringing them joy these days?

What is something you appreciate about your child? How can you build appreciation into your routines? 

What rhythms of life, routines, activities and traditions bring connection, resilience, strength and healing to your child and family? 




- This week honoured. Thank you for being so awesome!
Student of the week
Cicely Thompson


Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Kye's classes harvested stinging nettles this week and turned them into delicious pesto. Thank you to Tessa Antone and Roxy Lewis for their help.
TRACK AND FIELD PROGRAM - We were thrilled to secure a grant to allow our students to participate in a track and field program on Mondays and Wednesdays for the month of May. The program will finish with a track and field Mini Olympics on June 3rd. 

Our PAC has set up an account at the recycling depot, located at 38927 Queens Way #15, Squamish. If you would like to support PAC fundraising initiatives, please drop off your recyclables and have the proceeds put on our account # 604-892-5904. Thank you in advance for your support. 


Dear Families,

Class photos were sent home this week. If you would like to purchase extras or one of our entire school please find instructions and information below:

STWSCH21DIV1 (code for students from division 01 - Ms. Lindsey)

STWSCH21DIV2 (code for students from division 02 - Ms. Kye)

STWSCH21DIV3 (code for students from division 03 - Ms. Jenna)

STWSCH21DIV4 (code for students from division 04 - Ms. Kathleen )

STWSCH21DIV5 (code for students from division 05 - Brodie)

STWSCH21PAN (code for whole school panorama photo)


  • Visit myorder.mountainwest.ca
  • Enter your email and the code given above.
  • Select the class image you prefer and "Add to favorites".
  • Click on "Products" and click on "Sheets".
  • Select the product you wish to purchase, select the class group image from your favorites, and add it to your cart.
  • Click on "Cart" to pay.

Printed copies will be shipped to customers' home.

Please contact Mountain West Studios for any assistance, Contact number 1.888.644.4494, email [email protected]


Families of students in Kindergarten to Grade 3,


We are pleased to inform you of our next parent presentation at Valleycliffe Elementary. This month we are focusing on social skills and strategies, resources and development of our Kindergarten to Grade 3 students. Please join us if you would like more info and another step towards connecting school, families and community members together in this work.


Please see more information below. We will need you to register so we can keep an eye on numbers. You can access the registration form here or within the poster link: https://forms.gle/HnjgTRq2sReHdTtC6


We hope to see many of you there!